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Jason and Katie discuss board games, life and nonsense.

June 1, 2018

Episode 19: News, Games and #Origins18 Preview or Ameritrash, Ameritrash Where For Art Thou Ameritrash?

Episode 19 - News, Games and Origins Preview


  • Zaniest of all banter!


  • King of Con - Lega Nerd $29
  • Itchy Monkey A Battle of Lice - Black Box Adventures $26
  • Azul Giant $300
  • Clank in space apocalypse
  • In “do we really need this?” news...Jetpack Joyride.
  • RIP Totalbiscuit

Games played

  • Jason - Pit
  • Joel -  Crystal Clans

Wrench rating 

  • Joel and Jason - Pandemic

Games we are excited for at Origins 

  • Jason - Coimbra flaminia brasini and Virginio gigli   
  • Joel - Escape Plan
  • Jason - teotihuacan: the city of the gods Danielle tascini dice version sort of of Tzolk’in
  • Joel -  Century Eastern Wonders
  • Jason - round house Emperor S4 worker placement on a rondel gathering resources
  • Joel - Predictions: Lorenzo, GWT, but winner is Gloomhaven. 2. Fox in F, Hero Realms...winner Aeon’s End. 3. MTG, Pokemon, Destiny...winner MTG Family, Sagrada, Azul and Bunny, winner Azul.

Others worth mention: Endeavor Age of Sail, Totally Liquid, Merlin for Sale, Atlantis Rising, Scmidts Sausage Haus.  


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