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Jason and Katie discuss board games, life and nonsense.


Episode 36 - We answer your questions

Introduction:   0:00

to 3:00

  • Shout out to the mailman (Jason)

News: 3:00 to 15:00

  • Stygian Society
  • Mississippi Queen Second Edition
  • Merlin Expansion - Arthur on Kickstarter

Games played: 15:00 to 25:00

  • Jason - London 1st Edition
  • Joel - Brass
  • Jason - Symphony #9
  • Joel - Western Legends

Answer your questions: 25:00 to 50:00

  • In a 4X game, which is "X" is your favorite?  And why?
  • Which game in your current collection do you hope your children will keep after you're gone?
  • What is one goal you have for this podcast’s future?
  • Where does the music on the podcast come from?
  • What is your co-host's favorite "roll and move" game?
  • If you were going to do a podcast about something other than board games what would it be?
  • What were your initial impressions after playing Settlers of Catan for the first time?
  • What is your #1 favorite game mechanism?  Which game implements it the best?
  • What game do you think Darth Vader would enjoy the most?
  • Which property on the Monopoly board do you fear the most?
  • Which would you rather have - Good Theme or Good Components?
  • What movie IP would you design a board game for?  What would be it's featured mechanisms?
  • What is your "Grail" game?
  • Who is your favorite villain/monster (from TV or movies)?
  • Which is William Shatner's greatest role?
  • What is Rosie's ideal date? Katie or Kim to answer.

Closing: 50:00 to 55:00

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This was the episode that we were going to be answering all of your questions but the technical difficulty fairy struck and that didn't happen.  We will work on trying to do that for next week's episode.  In the meantime give a listen to some of our favorite worker placement games and some sad violin music.

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Game Collection or Games that are actually played?
Blog by Jason

Do you ever look at all of the "shelfie" pictures that people post and wonder to yourself "how do people play all of those games?"  I will admit that I do.  I have a significant game collection of my own (around 320 games) and I play a lot of games but still don't play every game in my collection once per  year...that is incredible.  At my current amount of games I would need to play one of my current games (nothing new) every day for 320 days to play them all.  That means that it will take me a little under one year to get all of the games in my collection played.  That is eye opening.  I am lucky enough to have a pretty solid gaming group that I can play games with every week.  Having such an amazing gaming group helps me to be on track to play 500 games before this year is up which doesn't include just games in my collection or games that I play more than once.  There are three games that I have played a combination of 25 times together.  With all of that being said, how can people justify having so many games in their collection (myself included)?  Is collecting the games part of the fun?  Are we afraid to get rid of the games because there might be that one day like three years from now where we think, "if only I still had my copy of...I would totally play that?"  I am curious as to what all of you think.  We would love to hear your comments on the status of the collection versus games that actually get played.  Hopefully all of you play thru more of your games than I do.

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Episode 34 - News, Games and HoF discussion for Vinhos



  • Dale of Merchants Collection - new stand alone expansion. Has new creatures and a bunch of different modules.
  • Bee Lives
  • Kickstarter for Jasper funded in 9 minutes

Games played: 

  • Jason - Dogs of War
  • Joel - Energy Empire
  • Jason - Fish Cook
  • Joel - Majesty-- For The Realm

HoF Discussion: 

  • Vinhos 


Wrench ratings:  

5:  Play anytime and would suggest it to 80% of gamers to own

4:  Play most any time. 60% of people should own this game.

3:  I'll play it sometimes in the right mood or if others want to play 40% of gamers suggested

2:  Play if convinced

1:  Will not play. Rather play TI4 (Jason) or Munchkin (Joel)

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Episode 33 - News, Games and our Favorite Publishers



  • Pax Pamir (Second Edition) designer Cole Wehrle $60 now on Kickstarter. Players work together to rebuild an empire in Afghanistan but eventually will have to turn against other players as only one player can win.  JOEL- people in my circle are hyped about this. It looks like Twilight Struggle sort of.
  • Microbrew - One Free Elephant now on Kickstarter. Check out our preview on our YouTube Channel.  
  • Nanty Narking by Martin Wallace and Phalanx. This is a reprint of Discworld Ank Mor Pork.  JOEL: I want this. I don’t want it 100 bucks want it.
  • Unstable Unicorns… yeah...

Games played: 

  • Jason - Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Joel - gizmos
  • Jason - Cargo Noir
  • Joel - paper tales

Our Favorite Publishers:

  • Jason - CMON (with caveats)
  • Joel -  cmon
  • Jason - Days of Wonder
  • Joel -  stonemaier
  • Jason - Grey Fox
  • Joel - eggertspiele/ plan b


Joel - Iello, ffg, libellud, red raven, tmg aeg pandasaurus, portal, zman,

Jason - cobblestone games, lookout, japanime, Renegade,  Queen, space cowboys, what’s you game

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