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Jason and Katie discuss board games, life and nonsense.


This week Jason and Joel talk about: 

Kickstarters: Aeon’s End: Legacy

  • New AEG kickstarter…. Doesn’t do anything for me. Edge of Darkness.
  • Endeavor: Age of Sail -- I am remarkably close to backing this.
  • Jason - Village Pillage review from Jelly Bean Games.  First review for the Boardgame Mechanics.
  • Corrections: Wizkids…is Asmodee.

Games played at BGMcon 2: 15:00 to 25:00

  •  Mombasa
  •  Inis
  •  Dinosaur Island
  •  Empires
  •  Dragonsgate College
  •  Revolution

Closing and next episode teaser:  25:00 to 30:00

Games we are jealous that the other person has...so jealous. 



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Jason and Joel talk about their top 6 favorite designers in episode 4.  They discuss the recent acquisition of Mayfair by Asmodee and also talk a little bit about a plot to kill Hitler and Jane Austen...maybe not in those words.  The two of them also talk about the games that they have played since the last episode (a few of these may be a surprise).

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Jason and Joel take a look at 6 of their favorite games that are named after real people or places and give a few honorable mentions that didn't quite make the cut.  There is talk about Kanban and Mombasa and games that they have been playing.  Also the Dice Tower gets a shout out and they open up a campaign to get on the This Game is Broken podcast with the Brother's Murph.

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