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Jason and Katie discuss board games, life and nonsense.


Episode 2:  Top 3, well 6, Gateway Games


News (announcements, releases, kickstarters):  

  • Trickerion: Academy - It seems like a new expansion is in the works. Dávid Turczi posted a message on Facebook about a few play testers playing the game with some prototypes. I am super pumped for this.  The designer said that this is going to be a big box expansion with Solo rules.
  • The Uboat Kickstarter
  • Hate. I think we might hate this one. 


Games played last week:  15:00 to 25:00

  • BGMcon discussion
  •  Bruges
  • Grand Austria
  • Viticulture
  •  Orleans
  • Covert
  •  Scythe

Top 3, err 6, gateway games:  25:00 to 55:00

    • Takenoko
    • Airlines Europe
    • Mystery of the Abbey
    • Dice Town
    • World’s Fair 1893
    •  Lords of Waterdeep


Check out or facebook page for all the latest info. Facebook.com/theboardgamemechanics


tags:top 10, countdown list, bgg boardgame geek. 


Thanks to the Dicetower, Rahdo, and all the other great media people doing their part to spread the hobby. 

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News (announcements, releases, kickstarters):  

  • Century Eastern Wonders
  • Treasure Island
  • Scarlet Pimpernel Kickstarter
  • Council of Four
  • Scythe: Rise Of the Fenris

Games played last week:  

  •  Istanbul
  •  Scythe
  •  Vasco da Gama
  • Dogs of War
  • Bob Ross The Art of Chill
  • Roll player

New to us games of 2017: 

    • Yamatai
    • Century spice road
    • Sagrada
    • Unfair
    • Near and Far
    • Azul
    • Charterstone
    • Clans of Caledonia



Joel also raves about being a Stonemaier/ Jamey Stagmaier fanboy. He expresses his love of the dice tower and Tom Vasel. Jason promotes the wooden cube industry and Juma Al-JouJou, Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, Simone Luciani.  Joel tries to sell Jason the virtue of miniatures, and Cool Mini or Not. CMON Jason! Like the Minis.   Also want to thank boardgamegeek, SUSD, Rahdo, and the Dice Tower for all they do.  


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